Stephen Singer is an artist and winemaker based in Sebastopol, California.

Stephen was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the youngest of 5 rambunctious, independent, driven children. An art class at the age of 9 spawned an immediate interest in aesthetic and sensual pursuits. This led to deep immersions in to a broad array of expression that started with painting, and included music, sculpture, film, architecture and, most notably (in a professional sense) the pleasures of the table.

Stephen attended boarding school in Connecticut which, at the age of fifteen, gave him an early shot of self-reliance while confirming his distaste for East Coast winters. Stephen later attended UC Santa Barbara, the San Francisco Art Institute, where he received a BFA, and UC Berkeley, where he earned a BA in Critical Theory. Beyond its congenial weather, the cultural and aesthetic atmosphere of northern California was a perfect fit for Stephen. He deepened his painting practice while simultaneously stepping in to an entrepreneurial career in the burgeoning wine, food and restaurant business. The latter included ten years as a wine retailer, several restaurant involvements as an owner (including 14 years as the wine director at Chez Panisse in Berkeley), 20 years as an importer and distributor of Italian olive oils, and for the last 13 years as the winemaker, farmer and owner of Baker Lane Vineyards in Sebastopol.

In the last six years, as his activities have become more concentrated on the farm and winery, he has been able to renew a much greater commitment to his practice in the studio, where Stephen spends many hours a week painting and drawing and creating. The work on this website is all drawn from that period.

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